Ashley Bookman Momentum CEO

CEO and Founder

Ashley works with top teams and individuals showing a new paradigm for large–scale culture change and business transformation.  He is a negotiation specialist and the originator of Task Orientation® and Systemic Business Improvement™ .

Ashley’s special interest is ensuring that a high standard of mental health is as accessible to the population as clean drinking water. 

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Ami McQuarrie Momentum consultant


Ami has been central to Momentum’s success, she focuses on driving up behavioural standards at all levels and across all contexts. Ami’s special interest is building confidence and self-belief so that people can achieve their true potential. 

Tom Francis Momentum consultant


Tom has contributed to the professional development of CEOs and board members across both private and public sectors. He is appreciated for his clarity and objectivity  when helping people resolve challenges at work. 

Tom has a special interest in maximising Momentum’s contribution to the NHS and dedicates many hours of his own personal time to achieving that contribution.

Alex Wilson - Head of Special Projects

Head of special projects

Alex is responsible for driving forward Momentum’s approach to social responsibility. She is accountable for ensuring that people who would benefit from Momentum’s expertise can access it on a pro-bono basis. 

Alex is famous for avoiding unnecessary corporate talk and dedicates her time to ensuring that young people can access a solid and productive start to their careers. 

Tobias momentum gb


Tobias is deeply interested in developing organisational culture so that businesses can create a diverse and inclusive environment. He is particularly focused on finding ways that employees can contribute to the best of their capability and maximise business productivity.