Systemic Business Improvement

Systemic Business Improvement™ (SBI) has game changing impact on organisational performance and employee engagement:

  • Business problem solving
  • Culture change
  • Building capability 
  • Performance Improvements

SBI focuses on transforming the often unconscious thought processes and attitudes which are the real underlying cause of all organisational problems. The approach provides an organisation-wide frame of reference which improves employee engagement, enhances cross-functional working and transforms leadership vision and behaviour. It delivers significant reform to anything which impacts human, operational and financial efficiency.

People are starting to realise just how difficult it is to remain competitive without addressing the cultural problems which constrain business performance and often lead to crippling organisational stagnancy. But revising ‘our organisational values’, endless rounds of stakeholder management or discussion about appropriate organisational behaviours don’t typically lead to any fundamental change. These prevalent initiatives mean the organisational change boxes can be ticked – but little, if any, difference is delivered to the employee experience, customer satisfaction or shareholder value.

Systemic Business Improvement

Task Orientation®

Rather than providing a range of conceptual models Task Orientation® provides a deep understanding of what causes business conversations, projects and tasks to work well or to fail. It encourages the development of grounded, systemic thinking which leads to intelligent and sustainable business decisions and a clear action plan with which to implement them.

For organisations with commercial ambitions the approach drives supplier of choice status. Due to the cost of dispute and acrimony, collaborative behaviour is increasingly a key selection criteria for purchasers. Task Orientation® offers a true partnership mindset which holds far beyond the point of sale or the contract award.

All organisations  are directly impacted by 1000’s of daily business conversations / communications. Typically we see silo mentality, ungrounded ideas and one-dimensional thinking that drive expensive organisational stagnancy.

Task Orientation® is central to all Momentum’s interventions. As well as leading to grounded, sustainable business decisions in a fraction of normal timescales the continued use of a Task Orientated® mindset breeds work ethic and process / behavioral efficiency.

Task Orientation<sup>®</sup>

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