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Improving the lives of the next generation

Perhaps the most strategic approach to ensuring mental stability and strength in the young is to generate a new paradigm for parenting. Most parents inevitably pass on some of the thinking habits which cause them stress on to their children. 

Discover how to raise your child with the greatest likelihood of ensuring their psychological wellbeing. Book your free coaching call today. 

Building a better world for our children to grow up in
Making better mental health available for everyone

Making better mental health as accessible as clean drinking water

Momentum ensures that people can access mental fitness regardless of whether they have available personal resources or can access corporate sponsorship. Our policy is for that every two paid places Momentum sponsors a pro-bono place on the OYOP programme. To discover whether you can access a pro-bono place, contact

Supporting social enterprises

Momentum provides business coaching and training to those who are already making or intending to make a social contribution. Services include development in marketing, organisational business skills and culture and finance.

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Helping social enterprises function efficiently

Momentum supported FFC at both executive and strategic levels through individual coaching, group sessions and through the provision of operational resources such as marketing and financial advice which has given significant guidance to the board of directors and staff members.


Co-founder and Chair to the Board of Directors
Falmouth Food Coop