Enhance Your Family Harmony

Many people would say that their family is the centre of their world and the most important aspect of their lives. Any disruption in family dynamics inevitably affects children which in turn can put more stress on the parents.  Families can be tricky to navigate – competing priorities, opposing points of view and different personalities all play their part stressing family relationships.


Each family is a unique and dynamic system and blended families add additional complexity. A series of ½ day workshops designed for each individual family provides new paradigms and family centred skill-sets which enable family members realise that it’s in everyone’s best interest to build a more cohesive and harmonious family life.

Join the Human Beings Club

Few of us will be unaware of the rise in ‘mental health issues’ in children and young people.  Young people often feel pressure to achieve in academic education or sporting prowess, peer pressure adds to the demands felt by many.


The Human Beings Club (HBC) provides activity-based development which enables parents, young people and children to develop a far deeper sense of capability in themselves. HBC develops sound decision-making, self-respect and self-esteem for all comers. Life inevitably brings its challenges but HBC equips people with the confidence and capability to implement the answer to the question “What’s the best way to handle this?”