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Systemic Business Improvement®

SBI® uses Task Orientation® to drive a client focussed culture across all departments and disciplines to enable collaboration, sustainable decision-making, accelerated delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

SBI’s integrated programmes provide progressive development for every aspect of career progression from front-line staff to the Board of Non-Exec Directors.

The Systemic Culture Change (SCC) Programme™ interests those who are ready to look objectively at what’s really involved in delivering fundamental, sustainable culture change. It excites people who can make the direct connection between a healthy organisational culture and its optimum output and profitability.  The programme has been specifically designed for people who want to exchange the corporate talk for the practical action required to deliver a new, more visionary reality.

If you are interested to deliver fundamentally new standards of cultural progress, book a call to speak to one of our team. 

People who become responsible for delivering business results for their teams, often arrive in post with a depth of experience in their own technical discipline but are sometimes limited by the pre-existing organisational culture. Understandably they often lack insight and capability to evolve the paradigms of their immediate teams and the teams below them. 

Management, empowerment and leadership provides deep insight into how to address the psychological drivers and mindset adjustments required to maximise team and business performance over time.

Leaders become capable at:

  1. performance managing results which do not qualify as good return on investment for salary
  2. facilitating the self-belief required to initiate satisfying and progressive performance improvements
  3. inspiring people to think outside the box and open their minds to a vision of a more uplifting and productive future

The programme builds on the Task Orientation® Foundation year and enables leaders to generate and embed improvement mindsets across the organisation. 

SBI Facilitators™ are business problem solvers who can significantly elevate business performance results through their systemic insight, and ability to game change business paradigms and team dynamics.

The SBI Facilitators™ programme builds on the expertise development Task Orientation® Foundation year.

This unique skill set means that they can make their contribution at any level and on any project both inside and outside the organisation.

SBI Facilitators™ can be contracted in to solve particular business problems or enhance the performance of specific teams, or trained as an in-house function to build capability within. 

Traditional business development is often centred around promoting the organisation’s products and services to existing and potential clients. Sales people inevitably end up banging the organisational drum but when products prove to be not entirely fit for purpose or services fall short of the mark, there is inevitably some impact and brand damage. 

Task Orientated® Business Development shows how it is possible to achieve far greater results both at point of sale and with customer retention. The programme facilitates a fundamentally different mindset which has a proven track record of significantly building revenue streams and increasing market share. 

If you would like to understand more about how the approach could be specifically tailored to your business circumstances and professionals, why not have a call with Momentum’s CEO? Please email

Task Orientation® provides a new paradigm for business. The foundation year programme equips people with a delivery focus that has a proven track record for enabling teams to deliver 30% more in 30% less time. 

The foundation year programme achieves its results by clarifying how to:

  1. make intelligent and sustainable business decisions
  2. initiate an exceptionally transparent and mature culture
  3. cut through the vast quantities of irrelevant and tangential conversation
  4. Minimise the drama which debilitates organisational progress.

Developing these skills enables people to think clearly and act in the most intelligent way in all business situations. 

If you’d like to understand how this could be achieved for your organisation, book a call with a member of the team.


“We were able to significantly increase our productivity, as a team we were delivering 30% more in 30% less time.” 



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