Have we really achieved a new normal

There has been much talk about the fallout from the Covid pandemic, but the talk hasn’t really led to many real or tangible solutions which move the situation forward. One example of ‘no real solution’ is the government’s ‘Mini Budget’ prepared and delivered by Rishi Sunak last July. The budget outlined some theoretical plans for a new normal but offered little by way of action and implementation.

This article is not intended in any way as an attack on the government but the question remains will ‘everything the government can do’ really be sufficient to provide us with a ‘new normal’ which will be productive for businesses and our society?

The ‘same old/new normal’

Many business owners, large and small have had to ‘react’ to new mandates for Covid-19 working practices, but little guidance was offered about what businesses could do to move beyond these day-to-day adjustments?

The vacuum of leadership for the ‘new normal’ is not only governmental, you will often find the same absence of real leadership in many organisations.

Corporate leadership déja-vu

During 30+ years of experience in more than 100 organisations, Momentum collated 100s of client surveys which confirm that the organisational culture often causes businesses to perform at as little as 30% of their achievable output.

Based on a conservative Management salary of £45k and 1/3 of Managers working part-time, the cost of cultural malaise would be approximately £19k per manager. Making a determined decision to transform the culture and build a more capable skill-set which would enable the recovered £19k per year to create a significant uplift to the bottom line of many organisations.

Is a ‘new normal’ really where we are trying to get to?

Even prior to the pandemic the majority of leadership teams would be more likely to prioritise discussion about the latest management information on the current state of affairs than asking the more significant question “Where are we really trying to get to?”

Here are a few legitimate ideas about where we could be trying to get to:

  1. Employees with high standards of mental health and good mental fitness who maximise their contribution to the business
  2. Organisations which can have a self-sustaining approach to improving productivity to build a supplier of choice brand
  3. Leadership driving forward an organisational culture which empowers everyone and enhances their quality of life

We’ll explore each of these ideas for where we could be trying to get to in a series of subsequent, related blog posts. 

If you have questions about how Momentum could provide a service for facilitating better mental health, building a stand-out brand or step-changing leadership capability, check out our website or get in touch with our Director of Programmes,  tom.francis@momentumgb.com 

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