Ashley Bookman

Ashley Bookman

Post 9/11 the UK government approached our insurance industry with a request to provide cover for acts of terrorism on an unprecedented scale, the term ‘act of terrorism’ had to be redefined. Negotiations had become protracted without any sign of a viable solution.

Several days of Task Orientation® consultancy and facilitation provided the impetus to move from the paradigm of exchanging cover for changes in legislation to developing a deeper understanding of the financial implications to the UK economy.  Applied Task Orientation® surfaced the best solution and provided insight into how the solution should be presented, significantly shortening the timescales for agreement.

Bridget McIntyre, Aviva

“I doubt if we would have resolved it as well we did without Task Orientation®, it is possible that we would not have been able to resolve it at all.”


  • Insurance provided for acts of terrorism on an unprecedented scale
  • Task Orientation® provided a new paradigm
  • Timeframe shortened and a better solution offered

Scottish Fire Service

Ashley Bookman

Ashley Bookman

On 8 September 2011 the Scottish Government confirmed that a single fire and rescue service would be created in Scotland to replace the eight existing regional services.  Each of the eight regions had differing terms and conditions.  Both management and Fire Brigade Union representatives were aware that a departure from the time-consuming but familiar approaches to employee relations negotiation would fail to achieve the governmental deadlines. 

Task Orientation® training was provided for the teams involved in the transition resulting in £900k of a needed £1.6m saving agreement being reached in just 90 minutes.

The mergers were effective from 1 April 2013.

 John Duffy, former representative for the Fire Brigade Union

“As a result of the training we found a different way of working which almost eliminated any conflict and led to sounder, more effect decisions.”


  • Eight regions merging into one service
  • Employee relations negotiation reformed
  • Cost saving decisions made in record time



Ashley Bookman

Ashley Bookman

RSA’s Affinity business regonised an opportunity to increase market share by using a Task Orientated® approach to both existing and future business partnerships.  Momentum’s strategic approach was applied to each new business opportunity, the impact was significant - revenues increased from £210 million to £1 billion over a six year period.
RSA partnership clients made specific requests to have relationship managers with experience of Task Orientation®. Over time the approach was applied to strategic business decisions as well as the development of strategic relationships and led to RSA becoming the supplier of choice in that market.  


  • Task Orientation® applied to all new business
  • Revenues increased from £210 million to £1 billion
  • RSA became supplier of choice


In 2011, Bombardier had lost out on the 30 year Thameslink contract and the viability of UK business in the balance.

Momentum trained the UK sales team in a Task Orientated® approach for business development to aid building effective partnerships. We continued to coach the team over a 3-year period. They have since secured over £2bn of new business.

In parallel, Momentum worked with the bid team that was competing for the £1.3bn Crossrail contract in London. Our focus was to improve the way the multi-disciplinary group functioned as a team and developed / facilitated their thinking on the bid at various stages through the process. With the contract won, the longer-term future of the UK manufacturing site was secured.    


  • Sales team trained in Task Orientation®
  • £2bn of new business followed
  • Team went on to win Crossrail contract

Partnership Working

Bombardier / Virgin Trains

Bombardier supply train maintenance and overhaul services to many of the UK train operators. They have a long standing partnership with Virgin’s trains but both companies recognised they could improve communication and collaboration across the joint operational teams.

Momentum trained both organisations in Task Orientation® as a collective group, providing a common mindset and approach to solving operational and engineering issues in a more efficient and drama free way.   

Both companies also developed more understanding of each other’s internal challenges and pressures within their own businesses which dissolved previous misjudgments and barriers that had existed between teams.  The resulting open and cohesive culture had immediate impact  - they worked together to progress a significant decision on further investment and modifications on the fleet of trains over the remaining years of the contract.


  • Long standing partnership improved
  • Dissolved barriers and misjudgments
  • Jointly decided on future investment

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