With our Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us and nearly all of 2024 in front of us of us, perhaps now isn’t a bad time to ask the question “What am I going to do with the year ahead?”

Lots of people experience the January blues and some try to maintain forward momentum by making themselves New Year resolutions. Most people tend to focus on their physical well-being – a new diet, a different exercise programme or some other behavioural change. Relatively few maintain of maintain the commitment to these worthwhile ambitions as the initial impetus wavers, and there is a greater probability of success if we choose to get some guidance from a professional, such as a diet organisation or a personal fitness trainer. 

From a psychological perspective, the reason people tend to make New Year’s resolutions make themselves ‘feel better’, perhaps because they feel guilty about the Christmas excess feel that they could have ‘done better’ in the previous year. But have we somehow missed the point?

What would you answer to the question “Why do I want to make myself ‘feel better’?”

Isn’t it true that, to a greater or lesser degree the answer is “Because I don’t feel as good as I could right now?”

So instead of making promises which often failed to deliver the feel-good factor we are hoping for, why not learn how to keep yourself in good mental shape every day?

Most people are familiar with yoga or Pilates and they to help bring some peace of mind, a much smaller percentage of people familiar with the mental fitness programme Optimising Your Own Performance (OYOP). Have you heard about it? Just as you might use a professional fitness trainer, a professional mental fitness trainer will deliver much better results, have you heard of the Optimising Your Own Performance (OYOP) is a mental fitness programme?

OYOP is not like mainstream approaches to improve mental health, such as counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Historically ‘therapy’ has tended to focus on understanding why we have a problem, this pervasive approach to psychological improvement has its limitations because it assumes that ‘you have a problem’ which does nothing to make you feel better!

Optimising Your Own Performance is fundamentally different. It is a new way of thinking –  instead of focusing on issues with your mental health, it develops your mental capability so you have greater control of your life.

I developed the OYOP programme as a result of coaching thousands of people for over 30 years. This depth of experienced has established that in reality it is the way we use our minds that drives how much confidence, happiness and success we can achieve.

Imagine learning, in just one year, how you can master your mind so that you keep the demands of daily life in their proper perspective and build your motivation and focus and can live a happier and more successful life. Rather than feeling disappointed, dissatisfied and unhappy just imagine how much more you could achieve if you felt purposeful, proactive and content?

Once you build your mental strength so much more can be achieved… and far more than just a new fitness programme.

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