Optimising Your Own Performance (OYOP)

2019, Location TBC

The OYOP programme has wide reaching implications for the psychological health of an organisation because it starts with the premise that a healthy way to reduce stress and absenteeism at work is to enable people to have:

  1. A sustainable sense of self-esteem and self-worth 
  2. A solid understanding of how to optimise their own mental health
  3. The ability to keep things in perspective when their lives are more demanding than usual
  4. The confidence to deal with situations which they would previously have found challenging
  5. A desire to enhance their own lives by making a tangible contribution to other people

OYOP is effectively a mental fitness programme for life both inside and outside work. As with any other health-related programme, habituating an active approach to their own mental health means people become more adept at living in a progressively positive mental state.

How will you benefit from this programme?

  1. Build a positive self-image
  2. Improve mental functioning
  3. Develop good quality decision-making
  4. Give people a wider sense of perspective
  5. Gain insight into how to improve relationships both inside and outside work 
  6. Improve family dynamics

Who should attend?

People who want to be empowered, not just to ‘stand on their own two feet’ or be doing a bit better at work, but to have a sense of personal progression as they learn to optimise their own mental health and personal satisfaction.  People who want to build the confidence and self-esteem to handle life's challenges more competently, resiliently and productively.

“I have certainly felt a lot more peaceful despite a heavy workload. I am taking forward initiatives I perhaps wouldn’t have had the discipline to follow through before. The principles covered on OYOP resulted in me being more proactive over the last few months”

Tropical Science Manager; Met Office

What you need to know

The OYOP programme involves five one-day workshops with two months between each workshop.  In between each workshop there are practices which can be easily absorbed into daily routines. The workshops and practices combine to build employee capability and enhance the way participants experience their lives.  

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Optimising Your Own Performance (OYOP)

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2019, Reading

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Systemic Culture Change™ Programme

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